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Get tailored 1-on-1 coaching sessions with an experienced Data Scientist. Write a kick-ass CV. Thanks to our great learning materials, boost your job hunt by writing impressive cover letters and finding hidden job opportunities.

Became a top candidate

1 on 1 sessions

Private mentorship with expert Data scientists. Focusing on your specific profile!

Build a top CV

A proven method to professionally showcase your portfolio to grab top companies attention.

Boost your job hunt

Properly research your target company. Discover what recruiters look for in a CV.

Outsmart the competition

Learn how to nail your cover letter or how to access the hidden job market among others.

Develop a career

Understand the market and find the path best adapted to your profile. Pick the right field!

Our packs

- Focused on Data Science -

Résumé Tune-up

  • 1h mentoring with a Pro
  • Résumé strengthening
  • Social media polishing
  • Data Science job hunting resources

Full Profile

  • 3h mentoring with a Pro
  • Career counseling
  • Technical Interview demo
  • Personal Interview demo
  • Résumé Perfection features

Mentorship Program

  • 12h mentoring with a Pro
  • Develop an end-to-end project
  • Sharpen technical skills
  • Strength soft skills
  • Full Profile features

Recruitment processes are long and complex.
But don't panic, we are on your side!

Let the experts guide you

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Our mentors team

Experienced Data Scientists who landed multiple jobs at top companies.
All of them involved in recruitment processes.

What they say

Lovely mentees

It was an eyeopening experience thanks to Javier. I saw concepts and real life shortcuts that I didn't see on my master. I feel I have now a mentor for life. Thanks so much!

John Mesa Data Scientist Track

When I finished my bootcamp I was technically trained but I was totally lost when it came to doing an actual project from scratch. Having face to face time with an experienced mentor was the key to understanding how to put all my knowledge in practice and becoming an actual data scientist. I feel it would have taken me a full year to figure all this out on my own.

Viktoria Jöns
Amanda Fellbom Data Scientist Track

When I joined the Full Profile program, I was desperate. I couldn’t get any interviews despite sending dowens of applications every week. My mentor taught me a lot of useful tips but also a job hunting discipline. The mock interviews were also super useful to be better prepared and feel less stressed during interviews. I got 5 interviews in 2 months and could even choose between two offers!

Natalie Dickson Full Profile

I always wanted to build cool applications using AI algorithms, in particular computer vision. But it always seemed overly complicated to connect all the pieces together. My mentor was extremely helpful explaining to me how Machine Learning Engineers usually work and what it takes to develop a whole AI application. When interviewing for roles, I was much more confident explaining how I developed my own project, which ultimately helped me to land my current job!

Amel Aza Machine Learning Engineer Track

For some reasons, I never managed to successfully pass technical interviews for the Data Analyst roles I applied for. After developing a complete Tableau dashboard with my mentor, I had something concrete to show recruiters and interviewers and it always sparkled up some interesting conversations.

Leui Béibhinn Business Intelligence Track

I was transitioning from computer science to data science but struggled to showcase how I could do more than just programming. My mentor worked at startups before and understood how my profile could help small structures who can not afford more than one data role. I developed a very complete project, from the installation of a dashboarding system to the creation of automated anomaly detection reports for stakeholders. Following the path of my mentor, I also found a job in a tech startup!

Makayla Bridges Mentorship Program

It has been an excellent opportunity to test the learnt concepts on Data Science. Through something so important as it is developing an End-to-end data project. Now I definitely feel more comfortable expressing about tools and shortcuts. I create value now to the business.

Rodolph Dowling Data Engineer Track


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